About Us

Our Goal

Designing the Best Hat for Your Next WOD. Every single MorFitr hat includes all the features and more that you would want in a workout hat. MorFitr hats are designed with anti-sweat technology so that your hat stays looking great after a tough workout. Our hats are waterproof so your hat won't weigh you down on your run or during your workout. It's important that your hat is comfortable while fitnessing, which is why every single one of our hats are designed to be breathable and include a built-in sweatband.

Our Why

Whether we are getting our sweat on at our local gym (shoutout to CrossFit Embrace), going on a long run, mountain biking, or competing in an obstacle racing event, we love fitness. We also love hats.

It was this combination of our love for fitness and hats that brought us to our why.

  • Why do most hats only look good?
  • Why does my hat that did look good now look horrible after my workout?
  • Why do most running hats look...well...bad?
  • Why do I have to chose between wearing a headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes and wearing a hat? 

For months we sampled different styles, designs, materials, colors, fits, until we finally came up with the MorFitr hats that you see today. We are proud of the way our hats feel, look, and perform. We are also proud to partner with charitable organizations within the community.

Giving Back

Giving back is part of who we are as a family, and we wanted MorFitr to reflect that. Each month we will be partnering with a charitable organization within the fitness community and giving a percentage of SALES (not profit or some other crazy number). We want to give first, then reinvest second. 

The fitness community has given us a lot...just ask founder Whitney Cornett. After having their second child, Whitney struggled with PPD (postpartum depression). While fitness (specifically running) had been a part of her life for years, it was joining the community, her local CrossFit gym (CrossFit Embrace) that helped pull her out of her PPD.

 Our Family